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Bringing a New Spoopy Store Front to RS WY

Campaign Introduction:

This Campaign is about assisting in building a creative, supportive and beautiful storefront location. Right now I have an online shop at where I sell my in house designs (my Art) as well as products. I do many vendor shows, I have been a spiritual practitioner for over 6 months, professional medium, and certified Death Doula. The funds will help stock more NEW products and provide much needed equipment to create a space for those that are interested in growth, to utilize if we fit with their energetic journey.


Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Dec 2023


This campaign is not currently active.
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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Dec 2023


Raised Percent :
This campaign is not currently active.
Or purchase a reward below if available!
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Campaign Story

They call me “Dead”

Hi my name is Cassie but I am also known as “Dead” since I was very little I always looked at the world with wonder and felt like I was here to help change it. I felt like I had a calling, that I had to fulfill, I used to say “One person can change the world if only they have the will to do so.” I had always been a spiritual medium but I was taught to fear my own abilities and to hide them away from the same world that I wished to save. As I was told by those closest to me that others would never accept or understand my abilities. Yet I remember sitting in front of several sunsets reflecting on my path forward to create the most change.

I had decided to become an artist as I knew that I could help shape the world through storytelling and cause inspiration in others. I have a BA in Media Arts and Animation and worked in the industry for over 2 decades hoping to create stories of inspiration. In 2011 I formed my studio “DeadOn Studios” with the help of a mentor. He had told me I needed to pick a name that resonated with me and was not a name commonly used. I chose DeadOn because I am a perfectionist to a fault and have always been so. I had big plans with my studio but I never got my voice heard working as a professional artist, mainly in freelance, as I just became a tool to move other’s visions forward… So I set out on my own creative projects: I started releasing my comic WarDreams, both in printed issues as well as on webtoons. I also started sharing my art live on twitch as DeadOnStudios which is why people started to call me “Dead” as that was my username. I felt like I was making ground but I still longed to reach a wider audience and was looking for my true path of healing and connection.

During 2020 like many, I had a major spiritual awakening and found that the only way forward was to forge my own way and jump into the unknown. Through self discovery I realized I didn’t want to hide my medium-ship any more and wished to embrace that part of myself as well. I lost many people along the way as many did not like the new direction I was taking my life. This aspect was extremely difficult, but I knew that I could no longer hide my true self to assist in the comfort of others and this caused me to become a completely different person than I had been prior. I began to learned self love and embraced growth, following my heart even if that meant that my mind might be afraid of these unknowns… When I first started jumping into my medium-ship and Death Doula work I honestly considered changing my name away from “Dead” but I realized that I am attempting to change the view and concept on “death and dying” from one of fear to one of understanding that it is a part of life and needs to be held with the same compassion and love as any other phase of our lives. So I decided to continue to embrace my name as Dead and hoped that people would ask about why I chose to call myself that, to continue opening up to conversations and open minds through challenging a prospective they might hold about the word.

Why Rock Springs

One of these unknowns was finding myself back here in Rock Springs after being away most of my adult life. I had grown up here in Rock Springs Wyoming but I never had thought that I would find myself back here, not until I had changed as a person. My prospective on the world and even this place, in which I grew up in, has shifted drastically as I open myself to hope and I become more present and in the moment. There is beauty all around us if only we are open to look for it.  I want to help others grow and heal like I have and like I still am. To embrace the things that make them uniquely them, not to run from them. When I first left Rock Springs I was attempting to leave a part of me behind, but in returning I am reclaiming my energy and hopefully helping make this a place of acceptance/love and not a place we wish to run from, but toward. I want to bring to this community a place of passion, a place of acceptance, a place of growth and a place of learning together for anyone at any part of their healing journey. Be it at the beginning, middle or the end.. To heal and to grow…

Why a Store Front

This storefront is a large leap in to making this come true… I will use the space to spread passions such as the creation of art which is the expression of our lives journey. Continue providing my medium ship services to the public to help those who choose to let me be a small part in their journey. Provide Death Doula services to the public as well to assist those that want support and compassion at the end of their journey. We are here to experience this world and to grow in all phases of our life and I am hoping that we can create a brighter world one step at a time and this is one of my steps towards trying to do my part and I honestly do not plan to stop here but we have to begin some where. I would love if you joined me in my wish to make the world a brighter place and know that we all have the power to do so if only we have the will.

Why Crowd Funding

I am reaching out to the community locally here as well as to connections wide and far, that believe in changing the world one ripple at a time, one person at a time… My goal here is to be transparent as possible as well so those that support this endeavor know what their funds went towards. So here is the break down: the first goal is 6,500 but we have stretch goals all the way up to 15,000+

Our goal is to raise 6,500 so we can be shop ready with displays, register, stock important products, get community seating for events and a sound machine for more private healing sessions


Our first stretch goal is 10,000 so we can stock more silly and humorous products and create a spoopy atmosphere.

If we can reach our final stretch goal of 15,000, the impact will be enormous and we can add more items, get guest wifi and a sign out front of our business

Here is a further brake down for those who would like to see, how much of their funds go toward covering rewards, products, operation costs (fees/dues related to using the crowd funding platform) as the reason to why each item is priority and was chosen.



NEW rewards will be added weekly as the campaign continues including new in-house designs and pre-order items. Below are some of the rewards that will launch with the first week of the campaign. Please check back in as the campaign grows and see what different items and rewards we have to offer.


Donators key-chain

This key-chain is exclusively for donators only and will only be given out if someone is to give $30 or more towards our cause of creating a brighter world. This is an in-house design made by me and were created for this campaign, but will continue to be a part of our business. I am a content creator and over the years I had wished I had something to give those that supported my content creation, small business and built communities. This key-chain will still be available through such platforms such as twitch or pateron beyond this campaign to those who donate. However this keychain will not be available for purchase.

Dagaz Moth Enamel Pin

This is an in house design made by me and is based off of a tattoo and promise I made to myself last year. That being said I know that others might want to make the same promise to themselves so I thought this would be an amazing launching items for this campaign.

“It’s more than a pin. it’s a promise to always remember that there is so much more out there than the material lives we are currently living. To never forget that every part of our lives is a phase and to be present as every moment dark or light shall pass. That we must find beauty and balance within ourselves and find the beauty in the day as well as the night. Its a promise to keep growing and to take flight towards your best possible self. It’s a promise of hope and love within and without!”

I am excited to share this design with our beautiful growing community and hope that it is loved as much as I love it. We are here to grow and some where along the way we have forgotten that but it doesn’t need to stay that way.

Comic issue #4 of War Dreams

This is an in-house story and design from DeadOn Studios and it can be read on webtoons in its entirety. We have been self publishing issues since 2018 and #4 is the latest issue in the series. Its about a girl that is trapped within her own sub-conscience and is attempting to find her way out. Yet she discovers a calling greater than her own as she attempts to free herself. There are several different reward that the comic is tied to including but not limited to: An early bird reward 5 QTY that comes with a print of comic #4 and a donators keychain.




Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
Brittany Whicker Rock Springs, WA December 15, 2023
STEPHANIE FRITZ Rock Springs, WY December 07, 2023
Anonymous Rock Springs, CO December 01, 2023
Kristi Chrusciel Rock Springs, WY November 19, 2023
Katie Kumer Rock Springs, WY November 19, 2023
Jamie Schall Rock Springs, WY November 19, 2023
Anonymous Rock Springs, WY November 11, 2023
Suzanne Peterson Salt Lake City, UT November 08, 2023
Anonymous Rock Springs, CO November 06, 2023
Anonymous Green River, WY November 03, 2023
Diane Sontum Laramie, WY November 01, 2023
Julian Myers eudora, KS October 31, 2023
Anonymous Saratoga Springs, NY October 26, 2023
Jeffrey McDonald Saratoga Springs, NY October 21, 2023
Jeffrey McDonald Saratoga Springs, NY October 17, 2023
Paul Johnston Rock Springs, WY October 14, 2023
Jerimiah Maltby Nucla, CO October 14, 2023
Kierria Eaton Rock Springs, WY October 13, 2023
Corey Gobbo Green River, WY October 13, 2023
Jeffrey McDonald Saratoga Springs, NY October 13, 2023
Susan Fagnant Kemmerer, WY October 13, 2023
Tammy McArthur Gillette, WY October 13, 2023
John Hackett Grand Junction, CO October 13, 2023
Marryssa Rossell Fruita, CO October 13, 2023
jesse blackwell alexander, NC October 13, 2023
jesse blackwell alexander, NC October 13, 2023
jesse blackwell alexander, NC October 13, 2023

Campaign Updates

  • 09-15-2023

    Change to Rewards

    The moth plushie I was hoping to have on pre-order fell through and I am now looking at going a different route. One of the biggest requests I have gotten over the years is enamel pin designs. I think instead of doing the plushies (which were not in-house designs) we could move forward with an enamel moth pin instead and I have the design already made… which it may mean more as it will be my original design made by me. I’m actually excited now… “When one door closes then another shall open.” Much love all, we got this!!!

  • 09-15-2023

    Proof From Printer Donators Keychain

    This is a design created by me, I sent it off to the printers today and got the proof back. It will be an hard enamel keychain and hopefully the keychains will turn out as beautiful as I think they will. These keychains will only be given out to those who donate $30 or more during my campaign or through platforms such as twitch, tiktok or you-tube beyond the campaign.



  • 09-22-2023

    NEW Reward added- Dagaz Moth Hard Enamel Pin

    I’m soooo excited to share the enamel pin design I create. Its about phases and how we transition between them. Dark to light and light to dark. That we need to be present in each moment, as its “just a phase.” To find beauty and balance in the night as well as the day. To connect and balance from within and around us. To bridge to the realms beyond our understanding and to be aware that this life is more than the material world. Its a promise to keep growing and changing and to take flight to become the best version of yourself. For yourself as well as those around you, that you may inspire to also find balance and growth within themselves.

    Proof is approved and the order is in! I’m so excited to see these when they come in. These will become available for pre-order the moment the campaign launches. The meaning behind this design is why I am more than excited about these pins. I will make a video and show everyone how they turned out the moment they arrive!


  • 10-05-2023

    Donation Keychains have Arrived

    They are here! and I think they turned out great I am so excited about how these turned out….

  • 10-19-2023

    Register Unboxing

  • 10-25-2023

    New Gift-Card Design

    My thoughts are that I will feature one of my artwork favorite pieces on the gift cards annually. This is a scene from the novel I am writing “Love Conquers All” its a fiction and this is one of the main characters after he had lost his way and forgotten who he was. “Don’t lose your self for too long, come back to love” This style would be available until I run out of this design and then I would not be reprinting them. I thought it was a fun idea to make them some what collectable. I am just having fun dreaming over here, thanks for being apart of the ride. Much love all!!!

  • 11-1-2023

    New Decks Unboxing

  • 11-12-2023

    We Signed a Lease

    ITS HAPPENING! Please share wide and far! We have signed the lease and we will be open come Dec 1st with the Grand Opening being the 16th of Dec. Due to this great news we will be extending the crowd funding campaign as well until the 1st. Where you can pre-order designs or book appointments or commission art all in the name of helping us get shop ready with new and exciting items and decor. Thanks for all those who have shown support in all the ways you have and I’m excited to open this new chapter and bring this to the Rock Spring community. Much love All ♡♡♡

  • 11-15-2023

    Dagaz Moth Hard Enamel Pins have Arrived

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    All donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to $750! Help Cassie (Dead) reach her funding goal! Make your dollars go twice as far, contribute today!
    $750 matched of $750



PreOrder Comic issue #4 of WarDreams

PreOrder Comic #4 of our in-house comic WarDreams written and illustrated by Dead. This pre-order comes with comic issue #4 a $15 value and a Donators keychain a $15 value.

Estimated Delivery: December, 2023
4 backers


Draw Me or a Loved One (FULL)

This Reward is for a "Full" version shoulders and above, in the cartoony style shown or caricature style of a single person or character. This would be perfect for a emote or a profile picture on social media. (If you would like characters drawn in the same scene, please purchase this reward as many times as you want people in the image) together.)

Estimated Delivery: December, 2023
0 backers


"I Want to Help Create a Brighter World with DeadOn"

"I want to support and for your story to be heard." This comes with an exclusive donators key-chain $15 value and a very big thank you from me as well as those who, one day I hope to impact.

Estimated Delivery: December, 2023
0 backers


PreOrder Dagaz Moth Enamel Pin

This is more than a pin, it is a promise to keep growing & changing, This hard enamel pin is designed by Dead and is an in-house design. This Donation comes with a reward of 1 Dagaz Moth Enamel Pin at a $30 value + exclusive donators keychain a $15 value

Estimated Delivery: December, 2023
9 backers


Print of the Latest Art Piece

"Return to love" This piece is a scene from my novel that I am currently writing called "Love Conquers ALL" This is one of the main characters after he has lost his way. It is a beautiful novel and I cant wait to share more of it with those who might be interested. Also There is plans to make an oracle deck and this is one of several pieces that will be included in the deck. When you back this you also get a Donation Keychain at a $15 dollar value with the print a $35 value.

Estimated Delivery: December, 2023
0 backers


Voucher for an In-Person Session or Online Through Zoom

"Might need some healing myself" Get a voucher for a session and let me assist you on your healing journey. Use this voucher when you need it.

Estimated Delivery: December, 2023
1 backers


Donation to our Elders in our Community

Donate my Death Doula services to our elders in the community. For every backing I will volunteer 1 hour to Sage View, Deer Trail or Castle Rock. I will do legacy work + activities with the residents. Spreading some ripples of love and compassion to those that may need it the most. I used to be an activities director and have worked in the health care industry for over a decade. This is the reason I got in to Death Doula work in the first place as I wished to provide more compassion to those in need.

Estimated Delivery: January, 2024
0 backers


Pay it Forward Voucher for an In Person Session or Online Through Zoom

Pay it forward voucher card to give to a loved one or someone that you think is in need of my services. This can be redeemed for one session value up to $50 and an exclusive donators key-chain a value of $15

Estimated Delivery: December, 2023
2 backers


DeadOn Studios Gift Card

$50 gift card to purchase our products & In house Designs + receive an exclusive donators key-chain a $15 value
-Gift-card must be used in store or in person at vending shows-

Estimated Delivery: December, 2023
0 backers
3 rewards left