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The Local Crowd

SW Wyoming

A rewards-based crowdfunding platform for small businesses and organizations throughout Southwest Wyoming



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The Local Crowd Wyoming

How can you support Wyoming to make our rural businesses thrive?

Hello Wyoming entrepreneurs, small business owners and nonprofits!

The Local Crowd Wyoming platform is designed to build community and encourage collaborations, while providing an engaging resource to grow local businesses. Projects launched on the platform will strengthen the relationships between consumers and businesses and fortify Wyoming’s network of entrepreneurs. We believe that building support for those seeking capital, whether a nonprofit or locally owned business, will result in a state-wide “stronger, better together” mentality.

Do you have an incredible project just waiting to happen — one that would strengthen your business, your community, and the local economy — if only you had the funds required? If you said yes…GREAT!

We are pleased to invite you to launch a crowdfunding campaign as part of the Wyoming Community Navigator Pilot Program.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) recently awarded the Wyoming Small Business Development Center (SBDC) a $2.5 million grant to implement the SBA’s Community Navigator Pilot Program in Wyoming. This American Rescue Plan initiative includes funding for The Local Crowd (TLC) to establish a rewards-based crowdfunding platform in four Wyoming communities/regions.